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Dr. Tontada Siddhalinga Mahaswamiji

His Holiness Dr. Tontada Siddhalinga Mahaswamiji, Yedeyur Shri Jagadguru Tontadarya Samsthana Math, Dambal-Gadag. Dr. Tontada Siddhalinga Mahaswamiji is the present pontiff of Yedeyur Siddhalingeshwar Samsthan Math Dambal-Gadag, Karnataka state.

He is the 19th peethadhipati in the spiritual hierarchy of Shri Siddhalingeshwar Peeth Parampare. The vision of our Revered Swamiji is to cater the Medical knowledge to the rural segment of society in particular where they were literally deprived of the benefit.

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